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Heritage of taste

Lau Heong Seafood Restaurant was originally founded in 1973. The leader, Mr.Heng Wat Kiang, was born and raised in Bagan Datoh, a small fishing village in Perak. When he was 8 years old, his father Mr. Heng Huajun came to Kuala Lumpur with his younger children and started the first catering business operated by a stall. Every time after school, he will go to the stall to help and study with his father. After accumulated experience from an early age, he finally achieved his career.

After years of operation, Lau Heong Seafood Restaurant currently has 8 signature dishes. They are Clay Pot Curry Fish, Clay Pot Spicy&Sour Catfish, Si Chuan Steamed Stingray, Fried Chicken Wings, Hot Plate Prawn&Squid, German Pork Knuckle, Salted Egg Mantis Prawn and Clam Soup. We hope that in the future, in addition to the development of new cuisines, the possibility of signature dishes will also be sublimated and presented to everyone.

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